September 29, 2016


Mersey Marine Services Ltd provides a comprehensive range of marine, industrial & maritime services. We understand the time-critical nature of operations in these industries; our aim is to alleviate the pressure of conducting critical works within a limited time-frame through our proven and effective project management.

We work to understand our clients’ needs in order to ensure every aspect of the required work is completed to specification and on-schedule. While our service and repair teams conduct the necessary works on-site, management oversee each project to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met in every regard. We understand that changing requirements and dynamic planning are inherent to the nature of this business; we are available 24/7 and work with our clients continuously to ensure plans remain appropriate and tailored to suit their specific requirements.

Our experienced riggers, stevedores, shipwrights, welders, plumbers and management staff work together to provide an unbeatable, comprehensive, efficient and effective service. We have a well-developed network of suppliers which enables us to offer a broad range of ancillary services to our clients at short notice if required, whilst still providing a single trusted point-of-contact for continuous service and support.

Although we specialise in marine services and repair, the experience and diverse range of skills manifest within our workforce means that we are well-equipped for applying ourselves in almost any environment.